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RFID Products

  • Each chip has a unique code thus vastly reducing any attempt to defraud.
  • Modern technology provides fast recognition of the RFID tag which leads to less waiting times.
  • Cost effective, reduces overheads.
  • Affords fast access to statistical information.
  • Reliable system.
  • Not affected by adverse weather conditions.

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) sytems identify or track individuals and objects by way of  tags or chips which contain a radio-frequency electromagnetic field coil that will provide specific information when queried by a reader device. RFID's capabilities are almost unlimited and used widely in the events sector.

Orakel offers RFID products for your event to link with your RFID systems. This will give your event an up to the minute security and information system for control, organisation and analysis:

  • Access control
  • Capturing data for statistical analysis
  • Linking money transactions
  • Social media

RFID technology offers different levels of access for visitors, crew, artists, athletes and so on, to be easily managed. Valuable data for organisers or sponsers can later be analysed for future marketing and organisational improvements ie footfall, age, areas most visited, length of time spent at a venue and many other invaluable aspects specific to the event.

A further advantage for sponsors etc is that they can communicate with and market to their audiences using RFID interactive applications, integrating with social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter, or allowing access to specific collative data. Orakels RFID products ie wristbands, PVC cards, Number Bibs, Parking stickers etc help simplify transactions and eliminates cash handling, reducing shrinkage. Theft and fraudulent matters are quickly addressed and queuing time is greatly reduced.

Orakel can help you find the right partner for your RFID systems and solutions.

Orakel has the following selection of products in its range:

  • RFID wristbands
  • RFID Number Bibs
  • RFID plastic badges
  • RFID parking stickers

We look forward to being given the opportunity to help with your graphics and design etc and provide a quotation.



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