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Mobile Screen Wipes

Mobile screen wipe Mobile_cloth_02 Mobile_cloth_03 Mobile_wipe
  • Practical 
  • Self-adhesive backing
  • Personalisation possible
  • Two sizes available: 30 x 30 mm and 50 x 50 mm
  • Professional packaging
  • Marketing opportunities

The personalised Mobile Screen Wipe is the ideal marketing tool because it is constantly in use. Attached onto the back of smartphones, mobile phones or tablets, the Mobile Screen Wipe is routinely visible to everyone who is nearby.

As this self adhesive cloth sticks to the back of any device, the Mobile Screen Wipe is immediately to hand. Makeup, fingerprints, or any greasy marks are quickly and easily removed.

The microfibres of the Mobile Screen Wipe absorb dirt and grease ten times more efficiently than any clothing item, handkerchief, tissue etc. and importantly, their soft texture will not scratch your screen. 

The back of the Mobile Screen Wipe is provided with a fine self adhesive layer so you can stick the cloth on the back of your device, and there is no residue when removed.

So handy for many other tasks too! The Mobile Screen Wipe will clean DVDs, CDs, Game Console Screens, Camera Lens etc.

Durable and reusable
You can refresh the Mobile Screen Wipe by hand washing in soap and water. It will continue to clean effectively and not lose its ability to stick for some considerable length of time.

Makes for an ideal marketing tool when personalised
With Mobile, Smartphones etc  in constant use, the Screen Wipe repeatedly impacts in full colour, any message, Logo, Slogon, important to your organisation.
Available  in two sizes,  30 x 30 mm or 50 x 50 mm, the small size Mobile Screen Wipe is used for mobile phones or smartphone, whilst the larger size is ideal for tablets, PC screens or Laptops.
The Mobile Screen Wipes come in cellophane, individually wrapped, with a paperboard surround which can also be personalised. 

Quantity30 x 30 mm50 x 50 mm
500 - 999 R 21.120 R 23.200
1000 - 1999 R 15.520 R 17.120
2000 - 2999 R 10.400 R 11.680
3000 - 4999 R 8.480 R 9.280
5000 - 9999 R 6.880 R 7.200
10 000 - 19 999 R 5.920 R 6.080
20 000 - 49 999 R 5.120 R 5.280
50 000 + R 4.800 R 5.120



Setup: R 480 per design
Prices per piece in ZAR
Prices excl. VAT and transport
Delivery term: 2-3 weeks
Minimum order: 500 pieces per design

  • Sizes: 30x30 mm or 50x50 mm
  • Size of paperboard surround: 56x90mm
  • Packed individually in cellophane wrapping
  • Microfibre side printable to full-size
  • Artwork files required: PDF high resolution or Adobe Illustrator, Vector File


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