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Ear Savers

Ear-saver-to-wear-face-mask Face-mask-with-ear-saver Ear-saver-face-mask Ear-saver-for-face-masks
  • No friction and irritation around the ear area
  • Useful brackets
  • Comfortable to use
  • Suitable for any type of face mask
  • Fast delivery possible

Do you use a face mask with elastic straps daily and do you suffer from irritation or sores behind your ears? Our Ear Savers ensure that wearing your face mask is more comfortable!

These tools are made from recycled fishing nets, therefore they are only available in the colour green. The Ear Savers have handy hooks to which you can attach the loops of your face mask so that they do not cause friction behind your ears. In addition, each clip is equipped with small studs on both sides so that it can lock into your hair and stays in place. These studs are smoothly rounded so that the Ear Savers are also comfortable for people with a short haircut, little hair or no hair.

Our Ear Savers are 20 x 1.5 x 0.15 cm and suitable for any type of face mask. They are packed in bags of 20 pieces. Always make sure that your mask connects well onto your skin and remember to disinfect your clip after every use!


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