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Orakel's transport partner is UPS
UPS delivers between 9am AM and 5pm. You can track the delivery status on the website simply by using the tracking number which you will  be sent via e-mail  at the time your order is despatched.
It is also possible to pay your invoice upon delivery to the UPS person.
If you are not present at the day of delivery, UPS will attempt  re delivery  the following 2 working days. After this, your parcel will  be returned to ourselves which can take several days and regrettably further costs will be involved to re send and a new delivery date will have to be advised at that time. 

How can I pay online?

Enjoy 100% guarenteed security making your payments through our membership of 'Ogone', a Belgium market leader for e-commerce payments.
'Ogone' accepts:

  • Bancontact / Mister Cash
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • KBC Online (bank transfer)
  • DEXIA direct (bank transfer)
  • PayPal

The 'Ogone' system passes all client transactions through a website secured by several high level firewalls. No information including your card number is accessible by Orakel or other users. 
'Ogone' checks the validity of your card, card number, access authorisation etc and when passed, advises Orakel when the payment will be processed. We can then confirm your order and your order can be progressed through to delivery.

How to convert text into vectors using Adobe Illustrator?

Convert all the text into vectors in Adobe Illustrator. (Type - Create Outlines) This way you avoid font problems in .eps, .ai or pdf files.

How to order?

Your options for ordering:

  • Webshop, 24/7: Easy and fast, in your own time. Step by step instructions to help design and place your order.

  • Online Contact Form: Fill in the details as requested, stating your order or queries in the 'remarks/order' field and we will come back to you.

  • Email: send your email to [email protected] with your order or questions. We will contact you.

  • Telephone: A member of our team will be available to answer your questions or take your order.

How to send a print ready PDF file?

In brief:

  1. Download our templates from our website to obtain the correct format.
  2. Ensure you set your files to 300 dpi
  3. Check your colours are formatted in CMYK
  4. Check all your texts are converted to 'Outlines'


Which types of files can I send?

To obtain the best results we would recommend files made in Adobe programms: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Photoshop.

We may also be able to work with: Quark Xpress, Publisher, Word, Powerpoint, Neo Office, Pagemaker, Pages, Fireworks, Coreldraw, Paint, Excel, Artwork, Gymp, ... 
IMPORTANT: please always save these artworks as a PDF file before sending them.

Useful guidelines for artwork:

  1. Resolution: the design needs to be minimally 300 dpi
  2. Full colour in the printing world is based on Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. Please ensure your files are in CMYK.
  3. The margin that will be lost in representation of your graphicsis 3mm, please allow for this in your design. To centralise the graphics, please also 
  4. allow an extra 3mm centralspacing when submitting your design.
  5. Please always submit the front and back artwork files (where appropriate) as two seperate files.



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