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Policy statement Orakel head office (ISO 9001 & 14001)

Orakel BVBA is the head office of Orakel South Africa and is ISO 9001 and 14001 certified. You can read the policy statement below.

Quality (ISO 9001)

Orakel BVBA, whose headquarter is based in Retie, Belgium wants to assure the quality of the provided services and the production method with the assistance of a quality management system according to the ISO-9001 standard. By means of this quality management system, we make sure that products which are delivered by Orakel, meet the clients’ expectations and that they are in conformity with the current laws and regulations.

The management evaluates and guarantees the functioning of the quality management system, employs a sufficient amount of qualified personnel and places the resources at one’s disposal in order to safeguard the quality and to fulfill the obligations as described in the standard. The efficiency of the quality management system is guaranteed through a continuous improvement process. 

Environment - CSR (ISO 14001)

Environment is an essential part of Orakel’s policy. Caring for and protecting the environment is integrated in the daily work duties. We attach great importance to the commitment of all people that work for or on behalf of Orakel. By implementing an environment management system according to the ISO 14001-standard, we aspire continuous improvement of our environmental performances. Wherever waste is created, we will always dispose and recycle it in a well-considered manner. This also means that we only use the natural resources and energy that is necessary for the production, sales and delivery of the products.

The health of our co-workers comes first. Therefore, we always take the ergonomic, safety and hygienic aspects into account whenever renewal or replacement of work equipment is being done. The goal is that co-workers can work happily and well at Orakel.

Complying with the current health and environmental laws is an elementary requirement within the policy of Orakel BVBA.


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